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OHNOYA was founded 250 years ago in the city of Takayama. We are making soy sauce and miso.


MISO is the traditional Japanese food. MISO is used as a Miso soup, and also as a seasoning to cook vegetables, meat and fish.
With the taste, also the compounds the aka miso and the kouji miso flavor is extraordinary.



Our products are “Dainties” where Ohnoya makes with Our unique manufacturing method with self-confidence.
For miso soup with our miso, both strong flavored ingredients and simple ingredients are match well. In addition, utilizes the depth of taste, this miso is suitable for the hiding taste of cooking, preserved meat, fish or vegetables in miso also.
Ingredients: Soybean, rice, barley, salt, alcohol.


It is one another confident product by natural water and four seasons of the Hida.
This miso has natural sweet taste and a good sourness, in addition flavor is a natural brewing freshness. Other than the miso soup, you can use this miso for wide variety cooking such like the baked miso, dressed with miso.
Ingredients: Soybean, rice, salt, alcohol.



① Prepare the soup stock.
  Boil the water with dried sardines or dried bonito shavings (do not use hot water).
 * Even the Japanese style powder stock is good.
② Add the ingredients such as the vegetable and the tofu etc.
 * With 1 ℓ of water: Add miso 50g~100g in standard.
③ Please adjust the quantity of the miso in order to the taste become which you like.



Soy souse used in japanese food and sushi, sashimi,japanese cooking...etc.
Soy sause does not go bad, but please keep it in the fridge as much as possible to keep the taste.
We are making the three types of soy sauce.


The soy sauce which is the capability which makes from aka miso.
Extracted from the aka miso which is approximately four years mature. Utilizing aka miso unique taste, it finished with trimmed taste. Please use widely from the attaching applying to cooking.
Ingredients: Soybean, rice, barley, salt, alcohol.



It is the soy sauce which clearly, and has strong and tasty one.
Extracted from the aka miso which is approximately one year mature. Appear the clear and spicy taste is well mixed to the aka miso flavor. Color of this soy sauce is a little right, but taste is acquired to the material securely at the small quantity.
Ingredients: Soybean, rice, barley, salt, alcohol.


It is the genuine soy sauce which you persist in original taste.
This soy sauce is made with following to the traditional process that mixing the moromi (mash miso) and making mature thoroughly. It is clear, but no additional taste, which is the excellent soy sauce that raises the pulls the individuality of the ingredients.
Ingredients: Soybean, rice, wheat, salt, alcohol.


味噌・醤油の保存方法 : Stores method of the miso and soy sauce

Please keep with the refrigerator. Approximately 1 year miso can store with that. Unless you store the miso in the refrigerator, color becomes dense, taste might changes. During your travel there is no problem even at normal temperature.

海外への発送はしておりません : We do not send out miso abroad

Sorry. We do not send out miso abroad.

We want to sell miso to different countries someday.

Thank you.